Relationship Self-Assessment

Question 1 - Database 49

Does your partner feel that they can trust you to own your actions?

Question 2 - Database 77

How well do you manage your stress levels when unexpected changes occur?

Question 3 - Database 96

How often do you initiate plans or activities with your partner?

Question 4 - Database 27

When you don't fully understand your partner, do you ask clarifying questions?

Question 5 - Database 9

Do you adjust your boundaries in your relationship as necessary?

Question 6 - Database 74

When a problem arises in your relationship, do you work together with your partner to find a solution?

Question 7 - Database 24

When your partner speaks, how good are you at truly listening and trying to understand their point of view?

Question 8 - Database 88

Do you take responsibility for your role in any difficulties within the relationship?

Question 9 - Database 50

Do you believe that taking responsibility has a positive impact on your overall relationship?

Question 10 - Database 45

When you apologize, do you focus on expressing regret and making amends?

Question 11 - Database 29

How frequently do you try to put yourself in your partner's shoes to understand their feelings?

Question 12 - Database 56

Are you comfortable setting boundaries with your partner regarding your need for independent time?

Question 13 - Database 90

Do you believe that your dedication to personal growth has positively impacted your relationship?

Question 14 - Database 61

How often do you make an effort to celebrate your partner's successes, both big and small?

Question 15 - Database 75

Do you feel comfortable communicating with your partner when plans need to change or problems arise?

Question 16 - Database 17

How do you prioritize rest and avoid burnout?

Question 17 - Database 15

How comfortable are you asking for help or support (emotional or practical) when you need it?

Question 18 - Database 64

Do you express your belief in your partner's ability to overcome challenges?

Question 19 - Database 44

Do you take ownership of your mistakes without making excuses?

Question 20 - Database 98

How frequently do you and your partner discuss your long-term plans and goals together?

Question 21 - Database 47

Do you actively try to make things right after you've hurt your partner?

Question 22 - Database 87

Has your communication with your partner improved as a result of your personal growth work?

Question 23 - Database 20

How would you rate your overall sense of well-being lately?

Question 24 - Database 30

How positively would you rate the overall communication in your relationship?

Question 25 - Database 67

Do you offer practical help or support to your partner when they need it?

Question 26 - Database 38

Do you make a conscious effort to focus on the positive aspects of your partner and your relationship?

Question 27 - Database 10

How strong is your sense of autonomy and personal agency within the relationship?

Question 28 - Database 6

How well do you handle it if your partner expresses disappointment or frustration with your boundaries?

Question 29 - Database 66

How involved are you in helping your partner work towards their goals?

Question 30 - Database 48

Do you try to learn from your mistakes to avoid repeating them in your relationship?

Question 31 - Database 86

Do you feel able to break unhealthy patterns in how you relate to your partner?

Question 32 - Database 16

How successful are you in scheduling regular "me time" for your own well-being?

Question 33 - Database 68

Do you stand up for your partner when others criticize or speak negatively about them?

Question 34 - Database 11

How consistently do you prioritize meeting your basic physical needs (sleep, healthy eating, movement)?

Question 35 - Database 83

When you identify an area to improve in your relating style, do you take steps to change it?

Question 36 - Database 3

How comfortable are you directly stating your needs to your partner?

Question 37 - Database 63

When your partner needs to talk about problems, how actively do you listen?

Question 38 - Database 35

Do you make a point of celebrating your partner's wins and successes?

Question 39 - Database 82

How open are you to hearing feedback from your partner about your behavior within the relationship?

Question 40 - Database 51

How often do you schedule time specifically for your own hobbies or interests?

Question 41 - Database 36

How frequently do you schedule quality time with your partner, free from distractions?

Question 42 - Database 72

When things don't go according to plan, how often do you try to force the original outcome?

Question 43 - Database 28

Do you avoid making critical or judgmental statements about your partner?

Question 44 - Database 80

Do you feel that your ability to be flexible strengthens your relationship overall?

Question 45 - Database 13

How aware are you of your own emotional states and how to address them?

Question 46 - Database 93

How often do you put effort into making your partner feel special or cherished?

Question 47 - Database 97

Do you have special rituals or traditions that you consistently share with your partner?

Question 48 - Database 41

How aware are you of the impact your behaviors have on your partner?

Question 49 - Database 71

How open are you to changing plans or routines when unexpected things happen?

Question 50 - Database 23

Do you feel like your partner clearly understands your needs when you express them?

Question 51 - Database 21

How comfortable are you expressing your true feelings with your partner?

Question 52 - Database 59

Do you feel a sense of personal fulfillment from your pursuits outside the relationship?

Question 53 - Database 40

How would you describe the overall emotional climate of your relationship?

Question 54 - Database 14

How frequently do you engage in activities that are purely for your own enjoyment?

Question 55 - Database 34

How often do you perform small acts of service or gestures of love for your partner?

Question 56 - Database 19

Do you engage in any mindfulness practices (meditation, focused breathing, etc.)?

Question 57 - Database 54

Do you pursue opportunities for personal growth (learning new skills, taking classes, etc.)?

Question 58 - Database 81

How aware are you of your own emotional patterns and how they impact your relationships?

Question 59 - Database 95

How good are you at remembering important dates in your relationship (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)?

Question 60 - Database 53

How often do you spend time with friends or family without your partner present?

Question 61 - Database 7

How much guilt do you experience when prioritizing your own needs and well-being within the relationship?

Question 62 - Database 62

When your partner is facing a challenge, how supportive are you?

Question 63 - Database 58

Does your partner support your hobbies, friendships, and personal growth?

Question 64 - Database 84

Would you consider individual therapy or counseling to work on personal growth?

Question 65 - Database 94

When spending time with your partner, how focused and attentive are you towards them?

Question 66 - Database 100

Does your relationship feel like a primary source of strength and security in your life?

Question 67 - Database 5

Do you feel the need to over-explain yourself when setting boundaries with your partner?

Question 68 - Database 2

How good are you at recognizing when you're reaching your personal limits in different situations within the relationship?

Question 69 - Database 99

Does your partner feel that you consistently prioritize your relationship?

Question 70 - Database 91

How often do you carve out distraction-free time for bonding with your partner?

Question 71 - Database 73

How willing are you to compromise or adapt your own preferences for the sake of your partner?

Question 72 - Database 70

Do you believe that being supportive towards your partner strengthens your relationship?

Question 73 - Database 89

Do you feel that you've become more empathetic towards your partner as you work on yourself?

Question 74 - Database 39

Do you feel appreciated by your partner?

Question 75 - Database 32

How comfortable are you expressing verbal affection to your partner (e.g., saying "I love you," giving compliments)?

Question 76 - Database 76

How quickly do you shift from being upset about a change to focusing on solutions?

Question 77 - Database 33

How often do you initiate physical affection with your partner?

Question 78 - Database 60

Do you believe that maintaining your independence positively impacts your relationship overall?

Question 79 - Database 52

Do you actively engage in hobbies or interests that are separate from your partner's?

Question 80 - Database 65

Does your partner feel that you validate their emotions, even when you disagree?

Question 81 - Database 57

Do you have a clear sense of self and your own values, separate from your relationship?

Question 82 - Database 22

How frequently do you use "I" statements when expressing your needs or feelings to your partner?

Question 83 - Database 18

Can you say "no" to requests or obligations in order to protect time for your self-care?

Question 84 - Database 25

Do you try to reflect back what you hear your partner saying to ensure you understand them correctly?

Question 85 - Database 85

Do you try to understand how your past experiences (childhood, earlier relationships) influence you now?

Question 86 - Database 42

How easy is it for you to admit when you're wrong in your relationship?

Question 87 - Database 79

When situations change, do you try to find positive aspects or new possibilities?

Question 88 - Database 31

How often do you express appreciation or gratitude towards your partner?

Question 89 - Database 92

When faced with conflicting demands, how often do you prioritize your relationship?

Question 90 - Database 26

When you don't fully understand your partner, do you ask clarifying questions?

Question 91 - Database 12

How often do you engage in activities that help you relax and de-stress?

Question 92 - Database 37

How often do you and your partner joke, tease playfully, or find humor together?

Question 93 - Database 46

After a disagreement, do you focus on finding solutions rather than assigning blame?

Question 94 - Database 1

How aware are you of your own needs in different areas of your relationship (emotional intimacy, physical space, alone time, etc.)?

Question 95 - Database 69

Does your partner feel genuinely supported by you?

Question 96 - Database 55

Do you rely on your partner too heavily for your emotional fulfillment or sense of self?

Question 97 - Database 8

How consistent are you in upholding your boundaries with your partner?

Question 98 - Database 4

How easy is it for you to say "no" to your partner when something doesn't feel right for you?

Question 99 - Database 43

When your partner points out something you could improve on, how do you typically respond?

Question 100 - Database 78

Are you able to use humor to diffuse tension during stressful or unexpected situations?